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Commercial Internet and VoIP Phones, IT Managed Services, Infrastructure Wiring & Fiber, Commerical and Stage Lighting, Audio/Video, and Access Control.

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Security and Access Control

Cameras, CCTV, recordings, backups, control for doors and access points, card access pads, security systems, and monitoring. We have what it takes to keep your building secure.

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Complete Infrastructure and Support Service

Installations, build-outs, hardware purchasing and support, help desk, security, backups, cameras, firewalls, helpdesk. We have your back!

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Audio / Video & Lighting

Commercial Audio/Video installation for churches, offices, event spaces, venues, bars, restaurants, and anywhere else you need top-quality sound and visuals.

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I.T. Support Service & Help Desk

Professional IT support, available when you need it. Managed support services, security, data control, backups, firewalls, networks, and support by professionals who know the answers.

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Commercial I.T. Wiring

We run all the fiber, cable, cat5, or other infrastructure wiring you need.

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Sales and Service

Need equipment? We’ve got the connections and vendor relationships to get commercial quality gear for less than you can buy it for yourself in most cases.

We even have access to the gear you can’t buy on the regular market or on the Internet, which matters, especially when it comes to security and access control gear.

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Network Rehab

Does your server room look like a mess of cables and equipment?

Do you have to keep rebooting equipment to make it work?

Problems with using networked equipment like printers?

Do you know if your systems and information are protected?

Maybe it’s time for a Network Rehab!

Look and Sound Your Best!

Audio/Video Sales & Installations

No venue is too big or too small to look and sound fantastic. TVs, Projectors, Touchscreens, Mics, Boards, Wiring, Speakers, PA Systems, Entertainment Systems, Satelite TV, and Security to protect it all.

Best Audio/Video in Texas

Projectors Are Just The Beginning

It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to level up your audio game in your church, restaurant, conference center, or office. It’s all about providing professional audio and visual experience. Castleberry has the experience, equipment, installation teams, wiring, and IT understanding to make your system amaze your patrons or congregation.

Projectors and TV AV for Churches and Trade Shows